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Map of Jewish Calcutta

Calcutta map and 1837 Population Data

The map is based on the land use map prepared by National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organisation,Kolkata(1998). Geographical Information System (GIS) software Mapinfo(Version 7.0) and Google Maps were used for preparing the maps. The Calcutta City boundary was digitized from the NATMO map in the GIS software. Then the ward boundaries were taken into consideration to get a rough idea about where the Jews primarily lived and the key Jewish sites. Demarcation of the important institutions were done with the help of Google Maps. These were put together to get the final map. The maps were prepared by Debika Banerji.

The two main areas inhabited by Jewish population were ones in central Calcutta. The Park Street-Esplanade area, and the Central Calcutta's Brabourne Street, Pollock Street areas.

Population of Calcutta, 1837

The 1837 census figure reveals the cosmopolitan nature of the City in 1837. It identifies the various communities settled in Calcutta and their numerical strength. Although majority Hindu and Muslim, the city also was home to significant Jewish, Armenian, Parsi, European and Chinese communities.