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07 Jewish business in Calcutta

David Mordecai: Photography Business

David Mordecai

David Mordecai


David Mordecai’s Printing Press and Photo Studio

In 1935 he started the Deluxe Art Studio which specialized in portraits.  Later he set up the Anna Art Press on the premises of Daw Sen, his family’s condiment factory. Bata Shoe Company gave him his first assignment that was followed by a large commission from the Bengal Nagpur Railways for photo imprinted photos. Mordechai had as many as 100 employees and had his own automatic printing machines.  He produced Calcutta’s first corporate calendars and wall posters. He mostly had corporate clients and even even experimented with images on bone china.

From David Mordecai (1909—1973) by Anita Blackman and Kenneth X Robbins, in Jews and the Indian National Art Project, Edited by Kenneth Robbins and Marvin Tokayer, Niyogi Books, 2015.

Some of his picture are of great historical value, as they were taken in the formative era of India's independence. Mordecai photographed the most famous people of his time: such as Pt. Nehru, Che Guevara, Prince Philip or Tenzing Norgay. A selection of his exceptional photographs, courtesy Anita Blackman follows: portraits landmarks