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09 Jewish cemetery in Calcutta, Narkeldanga

Map of the Cemetery

The gate marked 1 was the entrance to the cemetery, but it was closed and a new gate installed in 1928 at the location marked 2. It allowed the Kohens to enter without becoming ritually unclean as it has no cross piece. This was essential to enable them to participate in congregational worship in the prayer hall marked 3 following funeral services as well as for devotional services on the eves of Rosh A Shanah and Kippur. The prayer hall was erected in May 1921. The Geniza was marked 6 - the last resting place of religious articles and Hebrew books no longer usable. The Kuppah, marked 5 was a charity box. The money slot is enclosed in glass with adjustable 2 panel sliding doors, with a double door arrangement to protect the vault. It is capped by a hut-like cast iron structure enclosing a marble slab which contains on both sides the formula for the benedictions on entering the cemetery.  

In Jewish law those who commit suicide must be buried separately, they were interred along the North Eastern limits. The Kohens also had a distnict an exclusive area for which there is no precedent in law or custom. There were also distinct spots set aside for other communities. Some german Jewesses of questionable morals were placed in the area marked 7.

In the area marked C there were 3 circular tanks, and before they were filled some Bene Israel and Ashkenazim were buried around them explaining the circular arrangement of the graves.

Map of Cemetery from On The Banks of The Ganga

Map of the cemetery, from On The Banks of The Ganga, page 532