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Shema - community magazine

Shema Magazine was a monthly magazine and an official organ of the Jewish Association of Calcutta. Shema was published in the first half of 20th century. It was written by the members of the community.  It would extensively write about the formation of Israel and politics of newly independent India. The period of late 40s and early 50s was a crucial period in formation of both India and Israel. Hence, reporting on both was of utmost importance for Calcutta's Jewish community. Besides the world news, the magazine would write about globally famous Jewish persons, such as Albert Einstein or Sigmund Freud. Shema was one of the important institutions of Calcutta's Jewish life - it wrote extensively about communal issues, charitable initiatives, seasonal celebrations and cultural events. It also reported on domestic occurences such as births, marriages and deaths of community members.

Read the archival issues of Shema from years 1949-1951 below:

August 1949
September 1949

October 1949
November 1949
December 1949
January 1950
February 1950
March 1950
April 1950
May 1950
June 1950
July 1950
August 1950
September 1950
November 1950
January 1951
February 1951