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21 From the Outside In: Recollections about Jewish Community of Calcutta

Jewish Entrepreneurship

What we noticed was that the Jewish boys were so business-minded they would always come with little packets, once they brought K rations which was boxes with soaps etc., and they got hold of them and would sell it to us. At other times they had little lottery books for sale and my cousin did not want to buy it ‘Because I never get a prize.’ He bought a ticket and the next day he came with a small packet with a prize saying ‘You won it’. They were full of enterprise, humor and entertaining too.  –Katayun (Parsi, 1938)

I met Elmo Morris and it turned out he knew my father and he welcomed me.  Then my career started. He was like a second father to me. Isaac Jacob was his boss at Bata’s. From there I continued to look for a job in shipping.  With his help I sat for interviews and joined Shipping Corporation…My attachments to the Jews started growing.  They did not look for return but genuinely wanted to help out. –Otto (Anglo Indian, 1951)