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03 Notable Members of and from the Community

This exhibit represents those who were leaders in the Jewish community. These include the founders, the members who were active in Jewish community affairs, civic leaders, philanthropists, well known personalities, as well as religious leaders. Jews also served in the military and other state institutions. For example General JFR Jacob rose to be Lieutenant General of the Indian Army. Josh Solomon served in the police for many years and was in charge of police force in Darjeeling. Among the personalities represented are those who left Calcutta, and settled down in other countries.
Among remarkable persons are artists such as Gerry Judah and Eddie Joseph rose to be the best in the world in their respective fields: sculpture & design and magic. Businessmen such as BN Elias and Emmanuel Belilios built vast trading and industrial empires and amassed great wealth.

To sum up, Calcutta's Jewish community gave the world plenty of exceptionally talented and hard-working people who left many marks around the world. It is important to preserve the memory about them and display their stories.

There were also many women pioneers who have been represented in another section, as are those who were in the media.