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Eddie Joseph, Magician

Eddie Joseph

by Sol Bekhor


Eddie Joseph tricksEddie was my first cousin, he was a genius. He invented many card tricks which are still used by magicians around the world. During the war Eddie performed for the troops as requested by ENSA. In America he was regarded by the Magic Circle as one of the greatest inventive magicians. He had a lovely personality and was very humble.

Eddie's daughter Esther was a great solo violinist. She married and her husband was a doctor who joined the Israeli army. During the war of independence he was trapped in Jerusalem but managed to escape to the Israeli sector through the tunnel as portrayed in the film "Cast a Giant Shadow." Esther  died of bowel cancer in 1965: a tragic end to a great musician.


Eddie was also the first magician to do magic over the radio in India in 1933, making over 30 broadcasts from the All India Radio stations in Calcutta, Bombay and Lucknow. He appeared in the Silver Jubilee Show for King George V. He served for many years as the Indian Representative of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), and was active in the Society of Indian Magicians. He wrote over  70 books and pamphlets on magic and his articles appeared in Genii and New Tops. The IBM Ring in Bombay is known as the Eddie Joseph Ring. He passed away in 1974 in the UK.


Eddie Joseph's poster


 An obituary to Eddie Joseph:

Obituary to Eddie Joseph