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03 Notable Members of and from the Community

Emanuel Belilios, Business

Emanuel Belilios was a famous businessman, opium dealer and philantropist. He was born in 1837 in Calcutta, after which he shifted to Hong Kong for business. With time, he accumulated a significant fortune and purchased some of old Hong Kong's premiere properties, such as the majestic Kingsclere mansion. He served as the chairman of HSBC bank. Belilios was a keen philantropist, funding schools, hospitals, public works, scholarships and other charitable goals. For his lifetime achievements, he was awarded with the Order of St. Michael and St. George. Later in life, he moved to London, where passed away in 1905.

The family owned a significant portion of land on the other bank of Hooghly which was transferred to Belilios Trust. Today, the charitable Belilious Trust has marked its presence in Howrah. The trust donated the family land for Rebecca Belilious English Institution, a coed school for Howrah underpriviledged children. Rebecca Belilios Charitable Dispensary provides healthcare to lakhs of local people. Belilios Park founded on the family land is a very popular place of leisure in the city.

A novel, House of wives loosely based on Emanuel's life, was written by his great-grandson, Simon Choa-Johnston.