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03 Notable Members of and from the Community

E. M. D. Cohen, Community leader

Elias Moses Dwek Cohen

Elias Moses Duek Cohen


E M D Cohen was the Hazan of the Neveh Shalome and Maghen David synagogues for fifty years, serving as Hazan at the Maghen David from 1884. He was also the Honorary Secretary of the Jewish Girls School and the Maghen David synagogue. 

He started the third and somewhat important printing press that published the Paerah which was a very popular paper in the Jewish community.

The four page paper, known as The Jewish Gazette was known the world over and quoted in the Jewish Press in Europe. The paper contained a calendar for the week, announcements of births, circumcisions and marriages, trade advertisements of Jewish merchants and arrival and departure dates between Calcutta and other cities in India and beyond. The editorials dealt with topics of interest to the Jewish community such as evaluations and comments on the Jewish schools or synagogues or other items relating to world Jewry.

E M D Cohen was a prosperous landlord.