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03 Notable Members of and from the Community

Michael Bekhor, Structural & Civil Engineer

  MICHAEL BEKHOR - article by his uncle SOL BEKHOR

Michael Bekhor was born on August 27th 1964; his father was my late brother Menahem Bekhor, mother Christa. As a child he was quiet and considerate, I remember taking him to a sweet shop I said do you want that one he nodded and said: “That’s expensive and you can’t afford it, I will take the cheaper one”.

He told his father he had to earn some money and will play the mouth organ and people will put money in his hat. Dad said no and he settled for the milk rounds.

Michael Bekhor

Michael Bekhor

He studied Civil Engineering and passed with flying colours, he was very talented as a Designer of commercial buildings. He started his own company (see website "Michael Alexander").  The site has pictures of his work, including the very big Jewish Centre in Limes Avenue, Golders Green, called Michael Sobell House, the Eye Hospital called OPTEGRA in Colindale, the house of the famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin who lived in Highgate, Bernie Ecclestone’s house of Formula 1 fame.  He also did some work at the famous Chelsea flower show.

Sea Cliff house, Devonshire

A coastal residence in Devon, designed by MAEngineers.

His company is still going from strength to strength and is now run by his partner John.  His half brother Darren Bekhor who still works for the company.

Hindu Temple

A Hindu temple in East Ham, London. Source:

Michael emigrated to New Zealand with his family to join his mother and sister, Tanya.  He worked from New Zealand and came to London regularly.  He was very charitable: during the earthquake in Christchurch the synagogue was badly damaged and their funds were very low. Michael gave his services free.

Michael was very fit and enjoyed the outdoor life, but unfortunately towards the end of 2016 he was diagnosed with a late stage brain tumor.  He had an operation and went for further treatment in London and Germany, but they could not operate anymore.  He passed away on 12th September 2017.

His funeral was attended by friends and relatives from all over the world, and was covered on television. Michael is very sadly missed by his wife Alex, daughters Sophie and Charlotte, sister Tanya and her husband. David and son Tyler and mother Christa, Uncle Sol, half brothers Darren and Lee, their mother, Sue, cousins Cheryl Bekhor and family, and Tina, David and Simon Fox, Melissa and family in London.  His very close and best friend Tony and many friends in London, and his company staff also miss him.  I would like to mention that my wife, Jean, was very fond of Michael and we remember the good times we had together.  I would like to mention Darren’s wife, Jenny, and Lee’s wife, Denise, miss Michael very much as do my sister Rachel in Canada and her daughters, Sheila and Monica, and their families, my niece Helen and Rennie and their families in Australia.

Michael was very special and his family always came first. 

Everything vanishes with time except remembrance. The memories of Michael are there and nothing can touch them.