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03 Notable Members of and from the Community

Some others who made their marks on the community

Joe Solomon, Jewish Samson of India

Joe Solomon, Jewish Samson of India


Samuel Solomon 

Samuel Salomon, educated in the UK joined the Indian Civil Service in 1927.  He was s posted to Bihar and Orissa, serving until 1947. He campaigned energetically to bring to an end the people’s widespread addiction to opium. In 1935, he was made Publicity Officer to the Bihar government’s case for its impending constitutional reforms. He also became in 1943 an Additional Secretary in charge of the public relations side of the war effort.

He emigrated to the UK where he dedicated himself to scholarly pursuits and translated the works of Grillparzer from German to English, and the works of Moliere, Corneille, and Racine from French to English as well as other translations from French to English.  His works were published by Random House.

His son and one daughter now live in England, and one daughter lives in Israel.