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10 Synagogues in Calcutta

David Cohen built the first synagogue in Calcutta, known as the Old Synagogue. There are currently three synagogues in Calcutta: Neveh Shalome, is situated in Canning street. It was rebuilt nearly a century ago by Ezekiel Judah Jacob, another Jewish pioneer. Its compound is now occupied by the Maghen David synagogue, whose founder, Elias David Joseph Ezra compensated the Neveh Shalome by a permanent income from a trust fund. The Beth-El, on Pollock street, was erected in 1855-56 by Joseph Ezra and Ezekiel Judah. Previously there were 2 prayer halls as well, Sha'areh Rasone and Beth-ha-kneset. This exhibit contains the history, photos and memorabilia about the synagogues.

To see a film on the Maghen David Synagogue and the Beth El please visit our Film Gallery or click here.

Note: Previously a permission was required from Nahoum's Cake Shop at the New Market, to visit the Synagogues. Presently, please contact David Ashkenazy at 7085400178 or Elisha Twena at 09831942773 for the same.