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10 Synagogues in Calcutta

Prayer Halls

There was a prayer hall that was opened in 1897 by Hacham Twena, a religious teacher, at his home in Blackburn Lane. The prayer hall was called Beth-ha-kneset. It served the community till 1942 when it went into debt. The B.N Elias family took it over, liquidated the debts and pledged to build a proper synagogue called the Maghen Aboth and Yeshibothth in its place. However, services were soon discontinued when the new management committee decided to build a home for the aged of the community. This decision was not realized.

The Sha'areh Rasone, a prayer hall in Sudder Street was formed in 1933 by Mr. A Levroy for those Jewish community members living in South Calcutta. It was patronized by more well-to-do Jews living in South Calcutta who attended daily services. When the Hacham of the synagogue, Abraham Silas left for the UK, the shul closed down.