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19 Calcutta 1792-1837 in Paintings

Calcutta 1792-1837, in paintings by Thomas Daniell, J. B. Fraser, William Wood Jr., Charles Doyly, Capt. R. Jump H.C.S, from R. Jacob Esquire's Collection.

20 The Jewish Community of Calcutta: Archives and Memories: a seminar organized by The School of Cultural Texts and Records

On 10th March, 2014, the School of Cultural Texts and Records, Jadavpur University, organized a one day seminar titled The Jewish Community of Calcutta: Archives and Memories. Among the many speakers who spoke were Jael and Flower Silliman, Priya Singh, Jo Cohen and  Ian Zachariah. Several students also presented papers and held readings of a play and translations. There was also a screening of some of the videos which had been created with the help of The School of Cultural Texts and Records, all of which are available for viewing on this website. 

21 From the Outside In: Recollections about Jewish Community of Calcutta

There are only a few people left in the city who remember the Jewish community firsthand. Through a series of in-depth interviews we documented the impressions and perceptions from people across diverse communities of Calcutta. This exhibit features vignettes from those accounts. It provides insights into how well integrated the Jewish community was into the social, economic, political and cultural landscape of Calcutta. In many ways, it models the way in which multiculturalism was lived in the cosmopolitan, Anglicized spaces of Calcutta. A list of people who contributed to the study has been provided at the end of the exhibit.

22 The Jewish Heritage

Miscellaneous notes on the Indian Jewish community.

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